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Mohamadee Bhaiyat

Mohammadee Bhaiyat

Hi there,

My name is Mohammadee (She/Her), and I'm a first-generation South Asian, Indian Muslim woman. I am a relational, trauma, and dissociation-informed therapist, committed to understanding the impact that interpersonal, systemic, and intergenerational trauma can have on our sense of self and safety in the world.


Over the years, I have worked with survivors of intergenerational, sexual, and developmental/childhood trauma, and have learned how our early childhood experiences and environment shape the ways we show up in adulthood. I believe that the development of our internal world is reflected by our early relationships, and to understand what has happened then requires a collaborative, open, and curious relationship in the now.


I view Psychotherapy as another method of Storytelling, a dynamic space where we can think, imagine, create, wonder, question, challenge, and notice the clues of our daily experiences. I recognize that processing trauma looks different for each person, so I mindfully integrate different approaches to help each client heal and connect with their mind, body, intuition, and emotions.


We are all complex human beings on a constant journey to return home to ourselves. My approach is tailored to support you in reconnecting with yourself so you can work towards creating a meaningful and lasting change in your life. I am committed to earning your trust and exploring your journey, reflecting with you on how you relate and react to different aspects of yourself, while considering the generational ways you've adapted to moments of pain, overwhelm, and trauma.

Education and Training

Education, Credentials, Specialized Training:

Education & Credentials:

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, New York (License # 009986) - CUNY Hunter College 



Specialized Training:


- The Institute for Contemporary  Psychotherapy: Trauma Studies Certification


This is a two-year post graduate trauma studies program where I received my training in contemporary trauma theory and neurobiological principles of how Trauma impacts our wellbeing and shapes our experiences. 

My training and exposure so far have provided me with clinical skills and knowledge in various trauma modalities such as Sensorimotor and Somatic psychotherapy, Dissociation, Mindfulness, DBT, and Internal Family Systems - all unique ways of working with trauma and knowledge. I work towards and continue to learn how to bridge these skills from an anti-oppressive and decolonial approach.

- EMDR Trained Therapist- Institute for Creative Mindfulness - 

- Kint Institute: Restoring Connection through the Arts

Certificate Program in the Arts and Trauma Treatment: 

This is a year-long post-graduate experiential certification program where I received training and an in-depth understanding of how to utilize various creative art methods - sound/music, drama, body/movement/dance, art, and poetry as therapeutic practices and tools. 

I undergo continuing professional development training/education and receive regular supervision from Trauma informed supervisors.

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Contact Me
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Contact Me:

Feel free to reach out for a complimentary 30-minute video or phone consultation.


Phone: (201) 701-1109

Thanks for submitting! I'll be in touch soon.

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